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Soil compaction is when soil particles are compressed to reduce total pore space of a soil. This process significantly reduces the amount of large pore space, restricting air and water movement into and through the soil. “Often you can tell by leaf color and size in the trees near the site that they are suffering do to disturbed soil”, says Jonathan. “We would much rather have the opportunity to fence off an area around mature trees before construction in order to avoid threatening tree health”. The process involved with construction can be deadly to nearby trees if the trees are not protected and injury limited to tolerable levels. Get in touch with Shamrock Tree Company of Mattituck, NY to learn more about soil compaction and relief services.

How does construction damage affect trees?

Treating soil compaction near trees

  • Physical injury to trunk and crown

  • Reduced oxygen availability in the soil

  • Poor drainage

  • Burying tree roots via grade change

  • Roots get crushed and sheared off

  • Increased bulk density making it harder for roots to penetrate the soil

Soil compaction has many negative impacts on tree health. The effects of compaction can be reduced with air spading and incorporating compost. Also verti-mulching will allow tree roots to expand into a non-compacted soil with available nutrients and proper pore space. It’s best to avoid compacting soil near large trees, but these two treatment options can bring tree vigor back over time.

What does soil compaction and construction damage mean to tree health?

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