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Make your space a safe place for your family and pets where they can enjoy spending time together. It might be dangerous for your kids and pets to play and roam if the area is infested by ticks and mosquitoes. Let us safeguard your yard spaces by controlling the ticks and mosquitoes.

A safe and healthy place of fun and relaxation for your loved ones

Safe, effective, and efficient pest control services

  • Protects your family and pets against the dangers of Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis

  • Enhances outdoor fun and activities

  • Keeps mosquitoes away

  • Prevent flea infestations in your home

  • Provides your children and pets with a safe place to play

The Tick population in recent years has been growing as well as reports of tick related illnesses. Shortly after a tick bites a person or pet they have the potential to transmit several different diseases. We will inspect your property and develop a spray program tailored to your planned usage of the property. Shamrock offers both natural treatment options as well as conventional. Unlike older more toxic chemicals used in the distant past, we use Permethrin, in low concentrations, which is less toxic and not a threat to groundwater.  


You can count on us for the highest quality services. Our team will spray the whole yard with natural spray or traditional pesticide, which ever you choose. We offer temporary and preventive mosquito spraying services. Keep your parties, weddings, barbeques, and 4th of July celebrations free of mosquitoes with our tick and mosquito controlling services.

Protect Your Yards From Ticks and Mosquitoes

Applicator number: C1822267


Shamrock Tree Company has been providing high-quality tick and mosquito controlling services for nearly 40 years.

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Call us: 631-298-2175

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“Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for your usual excellent work. It had been a pleasure dealing with your family and their business over the past thirty ( ?!!! ) years.”



-Helen B.


Shamrock Tree Company helps keep your family safe!


“Shamrock Tree Company helps keep your family safe!”