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Tree stumps removal services

It is often necessary to remove hazardous and or declining trees. Our highly trained crews will remove the tree using the most modern equipment available, in a safe and professional manner.  The debris generated will be chipped and carted away will little impact to area where the tree once stood.  We can also grind the stump, which could become a tripping hazard and has the potential to be unsightly if left behind.

Shamrock Tree Company of Mattituck, NY is family-owned and operated and has been in business for almost 40 years. Our company has a personal experience of 20 years.


We take great care while removing your trees and your tree stumps and make sure that we leave very little impact on your landscape. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will make sure that your yard is tidy and free of tree waste after the tree has been removed.

Let Us Help You Create a Healthy and Beautiful Yard

Get your yard free of stumps left behind after the trees have been removed and watch your kids and pets run and play without any fear of injury!

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Reliable and efficient tree and stump removal services

Tree removal services

“Pruned a silver maple - The tree is the largest in the neighborhood & is older than my house built in the 1960's.

When I initially got in contact with them, they returned my call within 2 hours. They came immediately - same day! I'd received 2 estimates & this company's was great, with a great price based on what they did. He was professional. He said he'd be able to do the work within a month & would call me to set it up & he did. He trimmed off all the branches that were growing over my house - One had to have a circumference of 16"!


He did everything in 1 hour - the cutting, chipping, & cleaning! He was terrific! His crew was great. They blew all the sawdust off the roof & yard. When they left it was as if they'd never been there. This company also has the proper tree removal insurance. If by chance there's any damage during a tree removal, this company will be able to cover it. That's really important - especially now with the way the economy is. He's also a certified arborist! He was very professional, nice, knowledgeable & the price was more than fair.”


-Adrienne D.