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Tree pruning services Tree pruning services

“Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Pruning is often desirable or necessary to maintain safety, improve tree structure and health, satisfy customer’s goals, and make the tree aesthetically pleasing.” Sharon J. Lilly

Benefits of regular tree pruning services

Maximize your trees' health with our tree pruning services

  • Maintaining tree health

  • Hazard reduction

  • Providing clearance

  • Improves aesthetics

  • Creating a better view

  • Influence fruit or flower production

  • Reducing shade and wind resistance

Shamrock Tree Company of Mattituck, NY is family owned and operated and has been in business for almost 40 years. You can always count on us for the highest quality services.


Our services include the highest quality pruning. Pruning out dead, diseased or broken limbs will reduce the risk of limbs failing in severe weather. We can thin out an overly dense crown to lessen the effect of wind on the tree thus reducing the chance of whole tree failure. Crown reduction can be performed on select trees with severe dieback as well.

Keep Your Trees Looking Great

Let us help you improve your landscape. Maximize the growth of your flowers, shrubs, and trees with our regular tree pruning services.

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“There was a time when you close deal with a hand with a hand shake. I thought that time was gone that was until I did business with Jonathan Shipman with Shamrock trees.  His hand shake was stronger than the oaks that he cuts down. “


-Charles D.